Simple ingredients, advanced growth.

Propagation Powder

Fix Slow & Inconsistent Growth in Cuttings & Young Plants

Propagation success with our patent-pending Coconut Water formula. Our Propagation Booster is a product designed to enhance plant growth at all stages of propagation.

Packed with natural growth hormones and essential nutrients, our 100% freeze-dried coconut water formula acts as a potent natural growth stimulant.

Once water is added, the active ingredients work together to stimulate cell division and promote rapid growth, ensuring robust development from seed germination to propagation by cuttings.

Reduce Plant Death by Protecting and Strengthening with Our Innovative Formula

Our coconut water plant growth booster significantly reduces plant death by protecting delicate plants against environmental stressors and disease.

Enriched with a unique blend of natural phytohormones and antioxidants, it provides a comprehensive solution to the vulnerability of young plants. This ensures that cuttings and seedlings remain resilient and thrive, even under challenging conditions, and reducing the risk of plant death.

Enhance Nutrient Absorption & Growth with Supercharged Cell Division

Our Propagation Booster supercharges cell division, accelerating overall growth and enhancing nutrient absorption.

The amino acids in the coconut water formulation serve as building blocks for plant proteins, promoting robust root development and strengthening plant structure.

This means you'll grow healthier, more vigorous plants, and overcome issues related to inadequate root development and weak plant structure for optimal growth and vitality.

Soil Booster

Activate Root Growth by Replenishing Soil Health

Our Soil Booster is a powerful solution for enhancing soil health and plant productivity. This nutrient-rich spray-dried coconut water replenishes essential minerals and organic matter, addressing the pain point of depleted soil that leads to poor plant growth and diminished yields. By restoring soil fertility, it ensures optimal plant growth and productivity, making it an essential tool for any gardener or farmer.

Fix Nutrient Deficiencies & Improve Plant Health

The coconut water soil booster also acts as a natural chelating agent, enhancing nutrient availability. It unlocks bound nutrients in the soil, making them more readily available to plants.

Deficiencies that limit plant growth and productivity despite regular fertilization, ensuring healthier plants and higher yields. The enhanced nutrient uptake and utilization result in vigorous plant growth and improved crop quality.

Correct Imbalanced Soil pH & Strengthen Root Systems

Additionally, SD CW helps to balance soil pH levels, creating the perfect environment for beneficial soil microbes and optimizing nutrient availability for plants.

This addresses the problem of imbalanced soil pH causing nutrient lockout and deficiencies. The nutrient-rich formulation accelerates root development and enhances nutrient absorption, ensuring robust root systems and resilient plants. This product effectively overcomes slow or inefficient root development, leading to better plant establishment and increased yields.